WizeShot – Walled system

TakeAim Ltd. is proud to introduce our newly completed development WizeShot – an innovative, smart and highly advanced system for training in shooting ranges. Aimed at elevating training to a higher level than ever experienced before.

This page describes the Walled system - suited for institutional organizations (such as military, law enforcement and security forces), where the data is stored in the local computer and the users view their results on local displays.


  • Automatically records all the events in the Shooting Range

  • Monitors up to 12 trainees simultaneously

  • The data displayed includes shots, hits, score, firing rates, timing, jams, status & warnings.

  • Results are displayed both to the trainees themselves and the instructor.


Instructor Control screen


Shooting Details screen

The scoring formula can be set to any combination of speed and accuracy.

Note that the training is live firing with no installation on the gun – the trainee uses his or her gun as in operational situations.

WizeShot supports engaging several targets by several shooters simultaneously, as required in running exercises simulating combat situations and urban warfare. The system displays who shot on which target and when. In addition, the system supports switching between weapons during the exercise (without defining this in advance in the application).

The organization may have a wristband per each trainee or alternatively - shared wristbands.

The organization can set its own standards and change them when needed. Thus, it can have a set of standards for the begining of a course, middle of the course and for the final stage of the course.

Configuration screen

The system is eminently suitable for the entire shooting range arena – from purchasing a system with 2 lanes, up to a complete system for 12 lanes range. 

WizeShot Advantages

  • Guarantees far superior professional training efficiency and effectivity

  • Provides decision maker with accurate status of the trainees and units shooting quality

  • Enables standardization in training

  • Enables comparison between instructors and training methods

  • Supplies centralized data storage enabling tracking trainees performance over time.

WizeShot Components

The Wristband

Smart Target

Target Sensor

Target Sensor Shield

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