WizeShot - Info-Sharing system

TakeAim Ltd. is proud to introduce our newly completed development WizeShot – an innovative, smart and highly advanced system for training in shooting ranges. Aimed at elevating training to a higher level than ever experienced before and assuring a significantly higher business yield.
This page describes the Info-Sharing system - suited for the private sector, where the data is stored in a cloud database. A user can view her or his own shooting history and performance by surfing to TakeAim web-site (which requires login of the user). Following, it can be shared by the user to social networks.

The range uses WizeShot as part of its infrastructure (targets, displays and computer). Using a range wristband, a trainee will be displayed with all the data – shots, hits, firing rate, magazine swap time, status and warnings.

Using a personal wristband, the trainee’s data is stored in the system database, which can be accessed via the Internet.
WizeShot supports up to 12 simultaneous trainees.

It is easy to set up a competition with your friends – even those who are at a faraway shooting range.

The details of your performance are displayed in this screen:

Shooting Details screen

The scoring formula can be set as any combination of speed and accuracy.

Note that the training is live firing with no installation on the gun – the trainee uses his or her gun as in operational situations.

The system is eminently suitable for the entire shooting range arena – from purchasing a

system with 2 lanes, to a complete system with 12 lanes.  All types practice are supported - line of fire and on the move firing.

WizeShot Advantages

  • Guarantees far superior training efficiency and effectivity

  • You and your friends can set your own competition anytime, anywhere. Fun is guaranteed to all!

  • Enables the sharing of achievements over social networks

  • Supplies centralized data storage in the cloud, accessible from anywhere

WizeShot Components

The Wristband

Smart Target

Target Sensor Shield

Target Sensor

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