TakeAim Ltd. is an Israeli start-up that developed WizeShot - the advanced system for training in Shooting Ranges and is on the threshold of its global launch.

The firm is owned and operated by Lt. Col. Amir Adar & Lt. Col. Meir Sudry – both retired from IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Two high-tech engineers with over 3 decades of experience in major projects in both the defense and private sector.

Practice is not fun and is not a social activity

Shooting Ranges and Training Facilities everywhere are desperate to increase revenue, but seem to encounter difficulties in evolving into recognized hubs of social activity, with a close to nil footprint on social networks.

Lack of personal shooting performance metrics, statistics and group of trainees’ information preventing optimal and efficient shooting training

Marksmanship training and practice are facing obstacles such as:

  • Minimal collection of personal data (e.g. firing rate & hit accuracy), that is only recorded manually

  • Lack of group statistics for comparison of trainee’s results or to illustrate performance improvement or otherwise over selected periods of time

  • Almost non-existent tracking of shooting performance

  • Interrupted training throughput due to the need to manually check hits, resulting in inefficient use of the infrastructure.

All the above not only inhibits optimal shooting training, but also hinders potential expanded revenue.

The Problems We Solve

About TakeAim

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