WizeShot – an innovative, smart and highly advanced system for training in shooting ranges. Aimed at elevating training to a higher level than ever experienced before and assuring a significantly higher business yield.

WizeShot has two flavors:

  • Info-sharing system - suited for the private sector, where the data is stored in a cloud database. Users can access the data by surfing to TakeAim web-site.

  • Walled system - suited for institutional organizations (such as military, law enforcement and security forces) where the data is stored in the local computer.

WizeShot demo

Full Tracking of Events

All the events of firing & hits are recorded automatically in real time & stored in a database

Efficient Training

Simple to use, no installation required, supports 12 trainees simultaneously & there is no need to approach or retrieve the targets.

Comprehensive View

A comprehensive view is provided to the trainee, instructor and management.

Support of Scenarios

Line of fire, shooting on the move, multiple targets, switch weapons during the exercise – all are supported.

Data-driven Training

WizeShot enables data-driven training focusing on the needed to improve areas.

Mobile System

Move WizeShot between your remote units to utilize it to the maximum.

WizeShot has two flavors

Info-Sharing system, suitable for the private market

Walled system, suitable for the institutional market

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